NCSE Overview

The southeast region is a highly unique and competitive economic region because of its diversity of assets. Few regions can lay claim to an international port, one of the largest military installations in the world, one of the most productive agricultural bases in the nation as ranked by Farm Futures Magazine, five universities, eight community colleges, and three interstate highways. Thirty-five Fortune 500 companies (including manufacturing, distribution, and customer service) have a presence here and employ thousands. Our enviable quality of lifeisjust as diverse, with miles of family beaches, historic sites, and urban and rural ambience.

North Carolina’s Southeast is a regional public-private partnership that markets the southeast region, nationally and globally to encourage new economic growth. We also provide leadership on key regional initiatives that help advance the regional economy. Business and government leadership work together in this partnership to promote the region and its assets through The Southeastern Partnership, a 501c6 organization. NCSE collaborates on a wide basis with our partners at the local, regional, and state levels to get the job done as it works with companies interested in our region.

Mission: Provide strong economic development leadership in southeastern North Carolina through innovative marketing and collaborative regional initiatives that will support the creation of new jobs, generate capital investment, and secure new business locations.

Services for Companies, Consultants, and Brokers

  • Provide customized assistance to companies and consultants considering the southeast region
  • Facilitate coordination of resources, information, and contact with relevant agencies and officials
  • Recommend relevant areas and product
  • Provide customized demographic information
  • Coordinate regionalsitesvisits to the counties
  • Manage all communications and interaction on a confidential basis
  • Assist with information concerning incentives and financial assistance

Leadership on Regional Initiatives

  • Regional workforce analysis
  • International industry analysis
  • Industrial site certification
  • Aerospace industry sector analysis
  • Leadership and funding support for I-73 Association
  • Bio-renewable GIS inventory
  • Industrial site development
  • At-Port industry marketing initiative

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NCSE Overview Brochure