Building Reuse and Restoration Grants

Building Reuse and Restoration Grants:

  • Grants offered to encourage economic growth through the productive reuse of vacant buildings. 
  • Community Development Block reuse grants are available to local governments in conjunction with private, for-profit business creating permanent full-time jobs. Grant is for $20,000 per job up to $750,000 or one half of the cost of renovation whichever is less. 60% of jobs must be for low to moderate income persons.
  • North Carolina Rural Economic Development Center grants are available for the 85 rural counties. There are 2 types of grants: pre-development for activities such as feasibility assessments and/or architectural/engineering analyses for no more than $25,000; development grants for fully detailed projects ready to begin renovations of up to $400,000 based on number of new jobs and economic impact. Buildings must have been vacant for at least 6 months.