Telecommunications & Utilities

Eight local telephone companies provide advanced telecommunications services to the thirteen counties in North Carolina’s Southeast.

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Cable Access Providers
Eight cable access companies provide local TV cable service and some provide cable modem Internet access services as well as digital telephone service to the thirteen counties in North Carolina’s Southeast.

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Natural Gas

Piedmont Natural Gas

Piedmont Natural Gas (PNG) has strong, viable natural gas service throughout the region for business and industry.  PNG announced an agreement with Duke Energy Progress to provide natural gas delivery service to the electric utility’s power generation facility to be built at its existing Sutton site near Wilmington, N.C. Piedmont will construct approximately 133 miles of transmission pipeline and install 23,000 HP of new compression facilities to serve the new 620 MW combined cycle Sutton plant. Piedmont’s capital investment in the pipeline and compression facilities is estimated at $217 million. The new natural gas facilities will not only serve Duke Energy's requirements at its new Sutton plant but will also create cost effective expansion capacity that Piedmont will use to help serve the growing natural gas requirements of its other customers in the eastern part of North Carolina. Piedmont will begin construction of the new natural gas pipeline and compression facilities early in 2011 and be ready for service in June 2013. 

  • Piedmont Natural Gas distributes natural gas to residential, commercial, industrial and wholesale accounts.
  • Piedmont Natural Gas is the only natural gas provider in southeastern NC.

Electricity is provided for the thirteen-county region by either Duke Energy Progress, one of seven electric membership corporations or one of five municipal power systems as outlined below (ElectriCities).

Duke Energy Progress

  • Duke Energy Progress is a major provider of electricity for the region and has a broad range of rate options and energy services available to residential, small/medium business and large/commercial customers.
  • Duke Energy Progress offers a menu of value-added energy services to help ensure efficient and economic energy consumption.
  • For more information, please contact Duke Energy Progress, customer service at (800) 452-2777.

Electric Membership Corporations Serving Rural Areas
The rural areas are served by one of the following electric membership corporations that provide regulatory assistance, financial resource identification, market research, special lighting needs, commercial and industrial energy, and management surveys.

ElectriCities Municipal Public Power Systems

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