Industry Overview

Southeastern North Carolina has more than 20,000peopleemployedwithfoodprocessing companies. Examples of products processed and/or grown in the region include pork, poultry, sauces, food/drink ingredients, sweet potato products, peanuts, soybean oil, grapes, tobacco, and blueberries. North Carolina’s Southeast region, long known for its productive land and innovative agricultural companies, has several of the top farm income producing counties in the nation. Wineries and vineyards are also a growth sector in the region due to the area’s fertile loamy soils that are ideal for grapes. Thanks to an excellent transportation infrastructure that includes the Port of Wilmington and multiple interstate highways, North Carolina exports more than $2 billion of agricultural products annually. North Carolina ranks first in the nation for production of sweet potatoes and tobacco, and second in the nation for Christmas trees, hogs, and turkeys.

Agriculture and Agribusiness Economic Impact Report

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ProjectedgrowthforAgri-Industry & Food Processing in the region