Industry Overview

Southeastern North Carolina is an ideal location for aviation and aerospace companies. Our excellence in logistics and distribution, existing metalworking and manufacturing base, the largest military presence on the east coast and the location of over 280 aerospace companies statewide are a few of the assets NC can offer for this growing industry.

In our region there are in excess of 18,000 exiting military personnel each year equipped with the skills needed for success in this industry as well as 6 public and private universities graduating over 7,000 students annually and 15 community colleges with an annual enrollment of 77,000 students (roughly 4% of the region’s population) to meet this cluster’s workforce needs. Download our Aviation and Aerospace fact sheet.

The southeastern region also boasts five airports with runway lengths ranging from 5,000 to 8,000 feet all with adjacent industrial sites and three with uncontrolled airspace. Several other resources exist in NC to assist new aviation and aerospace companies such as the North Carolina Aerospace Initiative, a joint venture with educational and economic development organizations to promote applied research and aerospace education.

The region’s strategic proximity to the port of Wilmington, GE’s aircraft engines facility in Wilmington, Boeing’s Dreamliner facility in Charleston, Spirit Aerosystems in Kinston and HondaJet in Geensboro are just a few examples of why southeastern NC is poised for rapid growth and success in the aviation and aerospace sector.