First Biomass Power Plant for NC Plans to Locate in Sampson County

April 16, 2008

Faison, NC- Fibrowatt, LLC announced plans to locate North Carolina’s first biomass power plant in Sampson County about three miles from Faison, off Interstate 40. The company plans build the power plant on 300-acre site. Fibrowatt will provide approximately 100 jobs and a $200,000,000 investment for the county. The company plans to begin operations in 2011 and will operate 24 hours per day, seven days a week.

Chicken farms will provide the fuel source for Fibrowatt. The plant will burn about 500,000 tons of chicken litter a year, which is approximately half of what is produced in the eastern part of North Carolina. According to Rupert Fraser, CEO, the company has signed with hundreds of poultry farmers to provide the necessary fuel for the plant. The poultry litter will be delivered by covered trucks, to a storage building which holds 10 days of fuels. The building is designed to prevent orders from escaping. Fibrowatt will generate approximately 55 megawatts of power, which is approximately 1/20th the size produced by a nuclear plant.

John Swope, Executive Director, Sampson County Economic Development Commission visited similar plants that were built by Fibrowatt in Minnesota and the United Kingdom. Swope said “Everything Fibrowatt told us was true, it was very clean, no odor.”

Swope personally thanked Kermit Williamson, Vice Chairman North Carolina’s Southeast Board of Commissioners for his direct involvement in the early stages of this project. North Carolina’s Southeast (NCSE) is the regional economic development organization for southeastern North Carolina. Swope stated, “This is only one example of the services and support Sampson County routinely receives from the Board and staff of North Carolina’s Southeast. We look forward to our continued strong partnership with NCSE and our region’s development allies.”