Scotland County Welcomes Nature's Earth Pallets

April 9, 2009

A new company has decided to make Laurinburg home. Nature’s Earth Pellets plans to locate in the former Eaton Building. The announcement was made today by Board of Commissioners Chairman, J.D. Willis. Chairman Willis said, “We are very happy to have Nature’s Earth locate in Scotland County. We need every job we can get and this will be a tremendous help to offset the recent job losses. We will continue to work harder to attract more jobs.” Nature’s earth will employ approximately 98 people and it brings an investment of $12 million to Scotland County and surrounding areas.

Nature’s Earth Pallets will begin its operations in early August and renovation to the building will start immediately. The company uses recycled wood waste (wood shavings and sawdust) to produce pellets. The pellets are used to produce animal litter, animal bedding, and fuel pellets.

This project was referred by to Scotland County by North Carolina’s Southeast, the regional economic development marketing organization for southeastern North Carolina. Scotland County Economic Development Office in conjunction with North Carolina's Southeast assisted the company in choosing their new location. North Carolina's Southeast serves an 11-county area and has been directly involved in the creation of over 8,000 jobs and over $870 million in new investment in the region since the group’s formation in mid-1994.

The other organizations that provided assistance were The North Carolina Department of Commerce, North Carolina Rural Economic Development Center, and Richmond Community College.