Southeast Partnership Wins Biotech Center Grant


North Carolina’s Southeast’s vision for bringing 21st Century jobs and companies to the region is taking a major step forward with help from the North Carolina Biotechnology Center’s Regional Development Grant Program. The Center is awarding $30,000 in funding to “Biorenewable Biotechnology Asset Inventory – Southeastern North Carolina,” an initiative that will boost understanding of the region’s alternative energy potential.

“The project will identify and catalog the broad range of renewable biomass sources for supporting a diverse bio-renewable industry in southeastern North Carolina, using Geographic Information System (GIS) technology as a mechanism to foster industry development in the region,” explains Marie McKoy, grants and strategic services coordinator at North Carolina’s Southeast.

The Biotech Center’s Regional Development Grants support early-stage life science economic development initiatives across North Carolina. The program aims to build capacity through collaborative projects that lay a foundation for sustained economic growth. Grants go to helping regions evaluate strengths and needs, make strategic decisions and provide resources that support business and industry. The Center is awarding the grant funds to The Southeastern Partnership II, a private, non-profit organization that operates under the strategic umbrella of North Carolina’s Southeast.