Rep. McIntyre Salutes SEDC Co-location with Commission Offices

Congressman Mike McIntyre was among the Southeastern North Carolina leaders to gather at Commission offices on November 10th to formally announce the co-location of federal and state-sponsored regional economic development programs. Beginning February 1, 2010, the Southeast Commission’s Elizabethtown headquarters will also be home to the Southeastern Economic Development Commission (SEDC), a two-employee organization funded through the U.S. Economic Development Administration and contributions from member counties.

“Today, we gather to celebrate the joining of efforts by NCSE and SEDC because working together they will create jobs, which will be a winning situation for our citizens and communities,” Rep. McIntyre said. “I stand ready to assist in any way possible to bring jobs to this business-friendly part of North Carolina.”

Founded in 1968, SEDC works with the local economic developers and government officials to tap grant funds for new infrastructure, strategic planning and regional statistical surveys. Co-location of SEDC and NCSE will spur cost-savings for both organizations, which will share equipment, conference space, technical support and other services. The move will also maximize collaboration and coordination of federal, state and private funds allocated to the Southeast’s economic advancement.