Website Upgrades Enhance Southeast’s Visibility

The Southeast Commission’s marketing and technology personnel have unveiled the results of their most recent collaboration: a newly re-designed and improved version of the region’s information-rich website ( Enhancements include a new array of navigational tools, easy-to-find contact information, new details of the organization’s staff and leadership, and more.

“We’re now showcasing all nine of our target industry sectors,” says Joe Melvin, the Commission’s marketing manager. Visitors can access industry-specific information regarding the region’s infrastructure, workforce assets, education programs and existing corporate residents. “Another advantage we now have is that all requests for information that come in through the website go directly into our contact management system,” adds Marie McKoy, technology manager for the Commission.

National surveys have found that nearly 80 percent of economic development organizations view an Internet presence as their most effective marketing strategy. The Southeast’s experiences in recent years support that thinking, as the majority of Commission-driven relocations to the region began as leads channeled through the website. “As the number of inquiries derived from our website grows, we want to make sure we’ve got the most accurate and relevant content possible,” Mr. Melvin says.