Director's Message. Creating Value. Results and Return.

The performance of a financial planner is easy to measure: how great a return have clients earned on their investments? Economic development organizations are judged based on much the same criteria, with numbers telling the story.  

Since North Carolina’s Southeast Commission was established in 1994, we’ve closely tracked the effectiveness of our work. Since opening the books on our first project, the Commission’s marketing and business outreach efforts have directly supported the arrival or expansion of some 103 companies in our 11-county region. These firms have made $903,275,000 in industrial investment here and created 8,275 new jobs. The State of North Carolina, our largest investor, enjoys an enviable return from its annual appropriation to our partnership: each dollar of state support has yielded $61 in private capital investment into our region’s economy.

In gauging our effectiveness we look even closer, pinpointing the effectiveness of our tools and tactics. Since July of 2008, for instance, our lead-generation programs have yielded working relationships with 197 companies whose expansion or relocation plans are a strong fit with our region. Our information-rich website ( and the ongoing personal contact we maintain with site consultants, commercial real estate brokers, industry allies and government partners account for the vast majority of our leads. Just how credible are those leads? Of the 197 firms we’ve contacted, 72 have been serious enough to send representatives to the region to discuss their plans with us in person and view available properties.

In maximizing the impact on the investment made in us, NCSE takes a long-term view -- relying on old-fashioned values like persistence, accountability, collaboration and hard work.

Best wishes,

Steve Yost, CEcD
N.C. Southeast Commission