Unique Joint Marketing Effort for Fort Bragg Region


In May, the Fort Bragg Regional Alliance unveiled formal plans to partner with North Carolina’s Southeast and its Research Triangle Region counterpart in a yearlong effort to attract defense-related companies to 11 central and eastern North Carolina counties. The arrangement by the Fort Bragg Regional Alliance contracts out the Alliance’s marketing programs and strategies to the two regional partnerships. 

“One of the things our organization has done is, where possible, leverage partnerships with existing organizations instead of creating something new,” explains Greg Taylor, executive director of the Fort Bragg Regional Alliance, based in Fayetteville. The Fort Bragg Regional Alliance (formerly the BRAC Regional Task Force) was created in 2006 as a partnership of governments of the 11 counties and 73 municipalities surrounding Fort Bragg and Pope Army Air Field. “The relocation of the U.S. Forces Command and the U.S. Army Reserve Command in particular present a unique opportunity for our region,” said Mr. Taylor. “The next few years are crucial to this economic development effort.”

Since its founding in 2006 the Alliance has worked closely with the regional partnerships. The new arrangement builds on those collaborative ties. “The Southeast and Research Triangle Regional Partnership (RTRP) have been involved all along,” Mr. Taylor says. “This takes our work together to the next level, further leveraging our respective resources and expertise to continue the development of the region’s defense industry cluster.”

Taken together, N.C. Southeast and RTRP have nearly 50 years of regional marketing and site-selection project management experience. Leaders of the marketing effort are implementing a strategy for reaching out to defense contractors and subcontractors in promoting the business benefits of the Fort Bragg Region. They intend to survey existing military contractors as part of an effort to draw more Pentagon contracts and subcontracts into the region. “We have one of the largest concentrations of U.S. military installations in the world and a unique mix of R&D assets, talent and existing industry that makes the Fort Bragg Region a prime spot for growing defense-related companies,” says Lee Anne Nance, senior vice president at RTRP.

The Alliance’s marketing contract with N.C. Southeast and RTRP extends through mid-2013. The new partnership acknowledges the inherently collaborative nature of cluster-based economic development strategies. “Defense as an industry in this part of North Carolina touches on military organizations, small- and mid-sized companies, large corporations, community colleges and research universities,” says N.C. Southeast President Steve Yost. “The complex and fast-changing needs of today’s military make it a great time to promote the Fort Bragg Region to defense contractors, subcontractors and suppliers,” Mr. Yost adds. “That’s what makes this new partnership so exciting from a marketing standpoint.”