Social Media Tools Enhance N.C. Southeast’s Marketing


As more and more businesses adopt social networking as means for staying in touch with current and potential customers, so too are economic development groups deploying them as new channels for communicating with clients and consultants. North Carolina’s Southeast has also taken the plunge, recently establishing a presence for the region on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

“We’ve dipped our toe in the water with the big three,” says Bart Richardson, marketing research developer at North Carolina’s Southeast. In addition to their usefulness in boosting the region’s profile among social media users, the tools are valuable means for measuring how well the partnership’s Internet-based promotions are resonating in the site-selection marketplace. “We can measure the impact of our website and other electronic materials very effectively,” he says. Those who are interested in the Southeast Region, for example, can “follow” the partnership on Twitter and LinkedIn and “Like” it on Facebook.

Social media tools are also an efficient way N.C. Southeast can promote specific assets and opportunities in the region, Mr. Richardson says. “We can leverage them to do sub-regional marketing or for a promotional campaign around a certain building or site,” he explains. “The idea is to attract attention to things that are going on in the region.” But social networking is a two-way street, offering economic developers a powerful new resource for tracking companies and their needs. “LinkedIn is especially useful as a way to get involved in given industries and participate in the conversations they are having.”