Richmond County Lands Global Metalworks Company


A network of local and state entities joined North Carolina’s Southeast in successfully recruiting an international metalworking leader to Richmond County. Governor Beverly Perdue announced the arrival of FerroFab, Inc., a Detroit-based unit of Corona Manufacturing Corp, on June 29th. The company is bringing 54 new jobs to the Town of Hamlet in what will amount to an over half-million dollar industrial investment.
FerroFab specializes in the fabrication and erection of structural metals such as aluminum stairs, rails and ladders. The firm prides itself on the high standards it sets for its workforce in terms of knowledge, skills and safety. It is now working with officials at Richmond Community College (RCC) on its laborforce needs. “We are looking forward to working with them as they get set up,” says Dale McInnis, RCC’s president. “We are working with them on identifying candidates for jobs and hope to have training in place for them later.” The average annual salary at the plant is expected to be $30,019, plus benefits, a figure easily surpassing Richmond County’s $28,548 average wage.
In addition to training support from RCC, FerroFab will also receive an $81,000 grant from the One North Carolina Fund, a discretionary incentive often used to bring jobs to rural communities in the state. The N.C. Department of Commerce, Richmond County and the City of Hamlet also played key roles in ushering the project to fruition.
Rick Sago, economic development director in Richmond County, credits North Carolina’s Southeast for establishing initial contact with FerroFab executives and making the recommendation that led the firm to Hamlet. “I would like to personally thank North Carolina’s Southeast for generating this industry lead and referring FerroFab to Richmond County,” Mr. Sago says. “We would not have had the opportunity to recruit this company, have the company visit the building that was chosen, and close this deal had it not been for the efforts and involvement of North Carolina’s Southeast.”