NCEDP Meets with LDAG

Local economic developers from around the Southeast Region joined representatives of the Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina (EDPNC) for an all-day dialogue about the region’s assets and how they fit into the state’s business recruitment strategy. The meeting took place in the Elizabethtown office of The Southeastern Partnership. Each county had the opportunity to present and discuss its assets for attracting new companies. 

“We view state developers like we view our county partners – as part of the same team. It’s critical to have a collaborative working relationship in our effort to promote the region,” said Steve Yost, president of The Southeastern Partnership. Yost joined Business Development Director Joe Melvin in providing a review of the Partnership’s strategic objectives, regional marketing activities, promotional tools and site selection services. “We’re at the tip of the spear more than ever,” Melvin told the group.

EDPNC was created in early October 2014. A private, non-profit organization, it conducts via contract many of the business development activities formerly executed by the N.C. Department of Commerce. “We’re in essence the sales and marketing arm for the state,” explained David Spratley, vice president for business recruitment at EDPNC, which is headquartered in Cary, N.C. The new arrangement offers greater budgetary flexibility than before and facilitates innovation, he said. “I don’t see anything but positive interaction between our organization and the Southeast,” Spratley said. 

County economic developers provided overviews of their economic assets and strategies, including industry-ready properties, incentive practices and development plans. Chris Chung, president of EDPNC, also took part in the meeting, discussing his vision for the organization and responding to questions from LDAG members.