NCSE Marketing Team Reaches Out in Penn., Ohio

With difficult economic times prompting many economic developers to slash programs and hunker down, regional recruiters in the Southeast are vigorously reaching out to prospects and clients in other parts of the country. In December, armed with leads generated by North Carolina’s Southeast, regional representatives visited companies in Pennsylvania and Ohio.

“One of the companies we visited talked to us about the labor productivity and taxation challenges they’re experiencing in Ohio,” said Billy King, director of business development at Wilmington Industrial Development (WID), who participated in the Ohio mission. Encouraged by Southeastern North Carolina’s diligent workforce and moderate tax climate, the firm’s leaders are weighing long-term location options. “That one contact has a lot of potential for us,” Mr. King says.

In Pennsylvania, Southeast representatives visited three companies whose location plans would spell a total of $5 million in industrial investment and 75-job gain for the region. While there, the group also met with a Philadelphia-based industrial real estate developer that is eyeing the Southeast as a backdrop for speculative distribution space.