Brokers Reception Offers Valuable Venue for Regional Promotion

Hastings Crockard had been a member of the investor leasing team at CBRE only a few weeks when she had an opportunity to mix with economic developers and learn about an important North Carolina region. She was among the 33 guests attending the Southeast’s annual commercial/industrial broker outreach reception, held on February 15th at Raleigh’s 18 Seaboard.

“I see economic developers as a reflection of their communities,” says Crockard, who has worked in North Carolina commercial real estate for the past year and a half. “Meeting with them and learning about the industries in their region is the first step in building a mutually beneficial relationship.”

Southeastern Partnership President Steve Yost provided a brief overview of the region and its economy. “About one-third of the new manufacturing jobs in the Southeast are in consumer foods,” he said. The region’s fast-growing population now exceeds 1.5 million. Proximity to international markets drives much of the Southeast’s project activity. “Forty percent of the companies we talked to last year had a port requirement,” Yost told the gathering.

Closer collaboration between economic developers and real estate professionals improves business recruitment and job growth prospects, according to Ryan Gaylord, vice president of Durham-based Tri Properties’ corporate services division. “Streamlined communications among economic developers and the business community can help sharpen the state’s competitive edge,” says Gaylord, whose clients include national and global companies. He cites the Southeast Region’s affordability and pleasant lifestyle among its major selling points. “Cost factors and quality of life are definitely big advantages for Southeastern North Carolina,” Gaylord says.