From the President: “Moving Forward”


It’s impossible to navigate a road trip by staring into the rearview mirror.  Nor can you steer a region into the future by relaxing atop past achievements.

 While we’re proud of the success of North Carolina’s Southeast Region in the past two decades, history alone will not create the jobs and investment needed to sustain our prosperity over the next 20 years.

 Regional economic development is a fast-changing venture. We grow our inventory of assets. Business strategies shift. New industries emerge as old ones adapt or die. Through the years our marketing programs have always moved with the times, and we’ve always tried to keep regional stakeholders informed through our newsletter and other communications tools.

 Constant to our marketing efforts has always been a focus on measurable results. As our region grows and our organizational structure adjusts to new realities, we continue to listen closely to our county and business investors about what the region needs from us. Their answer: lead generation. You’ll read about our new marketing plan in greater detail nearby.

 With the help of our newly reconstituted board of directors and Local Development Advisory Group (LDAG), the Southeast Region is now engaged in a major effort to assess specific tools, tactics and targets. That has meant taking inventory of all that makes us unique: our outstanding educational resources, global-ready infrastructure, abundant land and labor, an enviable quality of life, and the strong leadership we get from our progressive business community. We’re also identifying areas that require improvement, such as the need for a robust, up-to-date buildings and sites database.

 Then comes the hard part: implementing our strategy. Leading this region, with its tremendous complexity and diversity, into the future is a breathtaking challenge. But our partnership enjoys solid support from all corners of the region, groups sharing our commitment to making the Southeast and its economy everything it needs to be.


 Steve Yost