Georgia Renewable Power


Georgia Renewable Power, LLC (GRP) through its subsidiary, North Carolina Renewable Power – Lumberton, LLC, has reopened andrepoweredthe Lumberton Generating Station, a 35 MW coal-fired electrical generation station formerly owned by Cogentrix. GRP has undertaken significant renovation activities and remediated the coal remnants from the site. It has also completely refurbished the plant andrepoweredit to be a highly-efficient Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plant that burns 100% renewable fuel. The plant is now in operation in the “power production only” phase and has begun exporting power to the Duke Process Energy system. Modifications and additional improvements continue to be made to the plant with final completion scheduled for the spring of 2017. When finished, the plant will produce 25 MW of electrical generation and will also produce an enhanced wood fuel product for export to Ireland and other EU nations through the port of Wilmington.

Currently, the plant employs about 25 people and when completed will have over 30 direct jobs and many others associated with transportation of the fuel to the plant. In addition to the transportation jobs, even more jobs will be created in the forestry sector to harvest the wood feed stock for the plant’s fuel production operations. In total, the plant is expected to create nearly 200 full time jobs in the Lumberton area.

To date GRP has invested over fifty million dollars in the plant with an additional 60 million invested to complete the project. GRP is proud to be a part of quality development and job creation in Lumberton.