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North Carolina’s Southeast has helped facilitate more than $1.07 billion in new capital investment, 4,700 new jobs, and 32 company locations to the region from July 2014-June 2019. The activities of North Carolina’s Southeast are accomplished in a collaborative manner with local economic development organizations and its business and municipal partners. These relationships rely heavily on synergy and the shared vision among NCSE partners and are central to the region’s growth and job creation opportunities.

As a 501c6 non-profit, the collaborative economic development activities we undertake at North Carolina’s Southeast can only be accomplished through the support of our partners.

North Carolina’s Southeast invites business leaders to fully engage with our economic development program by investing in The Southeastern Partnership. A contribution to The Southeastern Partnership is a proven investment that yields high returns for our region.

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Thank you for your commitment to the economic development of North Carolina's Southeast Region. We can accept your contribution by credit card at the link below. Since we are a 501c6, contributions may be tax deductible as a trade or business expense.

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