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North Carolina’s Southeast is home to a vast workforce that’s skilled in a variety of high demand industries. NCSE also has the 2nd lowest unionization rate in the U.S., an added benefit for businesses looking to grow their workforce.

Beyond the civilian workforce, NCSE has a military labor force of more than 132,700. These men and women in uniform receive highly specialized training during their years of service, which sets them up for success once their commitment ends. Every year, more than 20,000 service members exit our 7 military installations and look to join the workforce in their field of training.

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Labor Force Numbers worth Noting

  • 935,400+ labor force
  • 807,700+ employed in the region
  • 3.9% regional unemployment rate (2023)
  • 132,700+ military labor force
  • 20,000+ military personnel exiting service every year
  • 58% of the population is in the prime working age range
  • 62% with college experience
  • 17.9% with bachelor's degree
  • $906 regional average weekly wage
  • #2 lowest unionization rate in U.S.
  • NC is a Right-to-Work State
  • 12 certified Work Ready communities

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Labor Force